Spark 2024

This event is designed with a purpose to encourage and attract new generations of Kenpo Karate enthusiasts to better themselves and to attract future members of all ages to take up this amazing sport.

Every year it is held in different locations, and we are very proud that Jersey has been selected to host this event this year. Clubs throughout the UK, as well as clubs from European countries, are invited to compete in this prestigious event, where there will also be instructors from other countries giving seminars and sharing various techniques. We are strongly encouraging the younger enthusiastic generation to participate, as this will be invaluable to them as they progress through the stages of achieving their belts.

Spark is going to be held at two iconic venues, Fort Regent is where the competitions will be held and Mont Orgueil Castle will be venue for the meal. Both venues are steeped in Kenpo history.



Kenpo Connections

Practising martial arts is a very personal pursuit; regardless of age or ability, the reasons why a person may embark on their journey can be very diverse. Is it a social activity, a means to improve fitness, a way to build self -confidence, to learn self defense, to become a proficient martial artist? Regardless of the art chosen, the individual goals can be found in all aspects.  
Ed Parker’s American Kenpo has a rich history and has been well documented and preserved even before the Kenpo Karate Association of America was founded in 1956. In 1979 IKKA Europe was first established and, through the dedicated efforts of several key figures across Europe, has spread and flourished and remains a popular martial art today.

Ed Parkers American Kenpo is a multi -faceted system, encompassing kata, weapons, points and continuous fighting, self defense and written techniques. The depth of knowledge and study, the documentation of concepts and principles, the observations of sequence of motion, the study of human physiology, the use of geometry and physics, that has been dedicated to the art over the decades is quite remarkable with numerous publications available to students.

Kenpo Connections is now in it’s second year with the 2024 event, Spark, being hosted by IKKA Jersey. The island may be small the Kenpo history is significant. Over the weekend we will link our history to our present and demonstrate support and encouragement to those who will carry Mr Parker’s legacy forward into the future.


Our aims
·       Preserve the Ed Parker American Kenpo system whilst keeping it fresh and relevant.
·       Promote mentorship from senior instructors.
·       Offer a network of like-minded individuals with a common interest.
·       Encourage collaboration and friendship between individuals, clubs and countries.
·       Provide a relaxed learning platform for all ages.
·       Encourage interaction between children from different schools through fun activities.
·       Celebrate our art and our friendships.